All qualified professionals who are certified and/or licensed by recognised professional bodies, educational institutions and/or regulatory authorities can register as Pros in Procolony.

To get started, all you need is a computer with internet connection and your professional qualifications.

Your next step is to create an outstanding profile showcasing your skills and qualifications.

Here are some tips:

  1. Ensure that your profile is complete, clearly written and error-free.
  2. Include a photo of yourself and an introduction to highlight your:
    • Professional skills, experience, and portfolio
    • Education and accomplishments
    • Customer reviews
  3. For each qualification, upload a supporting document such as a certificate or license. This will increase the credibility of your profile.

Yes. Procolony does not accept any anonymous members or phantom profiles.

Procolony systematically conducts 4 types of user verification:

1. Email verification - Every user has to verify his/her email after signing up to join our platform.

2. Phone verification - To achieve "Phone Verified" status, call Procolony support at (+65)3152 6819 using the contact number that you have registered with us. Our support staff may also take the initiative to contact you so as to verify your account.

3. Identity verification - To achieve "Identity Verified" status, send a scanned copy of your photo ID (eg, driver's license, NRIC or passport) to support@procolony.com.

4. Payment verification - This is required for users who use our platform for payments. Users who have successfully made payments to Procolony via Paypal will be "Payment Verified".

Procolony Advance Payment System is an optional service available to users who wish to use Procolony website for paying or receiving Service Fees for Projects, as Buyers who engage freelance contractors or Sellers who operate as freelance contractors.  

Employers who use Procolony website to list job vacancies but subsequently employ the Professionals directly as their employees will not use our Advance Payment System.

For freelance project work, an employer may pay a professional per hour or per project. Getting paid for projects through Procolony has several added benefits.

Payments are pre-funded by the employer with agreed upon milestones for each month. Each professional bills the employer upon completion of milestones or periodically (eg, once a month) using the messaging system within our platform.

After both employer and professional have agreed on the payment amount, we'll send a secure payment to the professional by the 15th of each month. No hard copy invoices to generate and mail, minimizing paperwork. 

All payments go through Paypal, so every professional will need to have a Paypal account in order to receive payments. 

Our professionals always set and negotiate their own rates. As with any business, your earning power is often tied to your experience and the demand for your skills. Once you build your reputation through consistently high client satisfaction, or upgrade your skills and qualifications, you'll be able to command higher rates from clients who value your expertise and experience.


It's free to join Procolony. 

Procolony does not charge any commission from your project fees unless you use our Advance Payment System for payment processing. 

For Professionals:
Professionals (Pros) can publish a profile for free and bid on projects (free members receive initially 15 bids per month). Additional bids beyond the free quota are charged at $5 per bid.

For all payments processed, we charge a nominal handling fee of $1 per payment transaction.

For members with Free membership who use our Advance Payment System, Procolony charges a small commission which is levied on each payment as it is made by the employer.

For members with paid membership, we do not charge any commission on project fees, even when you use our payment system. 

For Employers:
Employers can post projects and receive bids from freelance professionals (Pro) for free. Procolony charges an administrative fee of $10 when clients shortlist candidates for interviews to receive the Pros' complete profiles and contact details. If the employer chooses to award the project, and the Pro accepts, we charge a hiring fee ranging from $50 to $150.

For employers who use our Advance Payment System, we charge a small commission which is levied on the amount funded when the employer funds the project to make payment to the Pro. For each payment transaction processed, we charge a nominal handling fee of $1 to cover the cost of payment processing.

Procolony also offers premium membership plans for an additional cost. As a member, you will be charged lower commission and lower admin fees, which means higher earnings or lower costs as you complete more jobs. For Professionals with paid membership, we do not charge any commission!

 All fees quoted above are valid till 30 April 2017. For more details about our commission rates, please refer to Fees and Charges.

Our Job Board and Professionals (Pros) are visible to all users after login. Some important information to note:

Directory of Professionals

We respect the privacy of our members, so we give Pros the option to decide whether to publish their profiles publicly. Therefore, not all Pros in Procolony publish their profiles in our directory. Currently, majority of our Pros do not publish their profiles.

However, before Pros bid for jobs, they will need to publish their profiles in our directory, so that their profiles will be visible to employers when they bid for jobs. 

Job Board

Our job board lists only open vacancies that employers have yet to close. Once an employer successfully hires a Pro for a job through our system or cancels a job posting, we remove the job from our job board. In this way, we ensure that only open vacancies are listed.

Yes. At Procolony, we believe that in order for people to collaborate effectively, they need to be able to communicate freely with one another. Once an employer shortlists or hires a professional, the contact details of the professional will be provided to the employer. We do provide a messaging system within each project, for the convenience of our users, but users can choose to commmunicate directly in other ways.

Once you are a registered member of Procolony, you can create a team and become a team leader. As a team leader, you may invite other Procolony members to join your team. Only members who have indicated that they are "Available" can be invited. Each member can be a leader of only one team, but may join multiple teams as a team member.  

Forming a team allows you to bid for jobs as a team, making your bid more attractive to employers who wish to hire a team of qualified professionals with various expertise instead of hiring an individual consultant.

At Procolony, we strive to provide a fair and trusted marketplace. Only qualified professionals who are certified and/or licensed by recognised professional bodies, educational institutions and/or regulatory authorities can register as professionals in Procolony. 

We work diligently to verify that our members are representing themselves correctly. We begin by authenticating the email address of registered users. We require supporting documents for all professional qualifications included our members' profiles. We may conduct random audits to validate the qualifications of our professionals.

Ultimately, it is the employer's responsibility to do the final screening to ensure that the professional is a great match for the project.

Every employer who posts jobs in Procolony must first register as a member.

Our administrator will review the contents of every job posting before it is approved for listing on our Job Board.

No, Procolony does not provide time tracking software on our platform. Users who would like to use time tracking software to bill clients or manage professionals remotely can try using established providers of such software, such as Bill4Time and Hubstaff.

Procolony is industry agnostic, so we accept professionals from all industries and all sectors. We define profession as any type of work that needs special training or a particular skill, often one that involves a high level of education. 

The number of professions is ever-increasing, as occupations become more specialised in nature and more ‘professionalised’ in terms of requiring certain standards of initial and ongoing education. 

Do note that only professionals who are certified or have the necessary educational qualifications can register and post their profiles in Procolony.

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