Membership Plans

Select from a range of membership plans to determine the fees you pay for our service. You can use the site as either an Employer or Professional as a free member, or gain additional benefits as a paid member by upgrading to a paid plan.

Memberships are renewable on a monthly basis by the user. Membership fees paid in advance for each month are not refundable, so it is best to renew or change your membership plan on the expiry date of your subscription. With each fee payment, we also charge a nominal handling fee of $1 to cover the cost of payment processing. Members with paid plans who do not renew their memberships after the expiry date of their monthly subscription will automatically be reclassified as free members. 


per month
per month
per month
For Professionals

Commission per Project

(applies only to users of Procolony Advance Payment System)

5% of Project Cost 0% of Project Cost 0% of Project Cost
Free Bids per Month 15 150 2000
Skills displayed in profile  30 80 500
For Employers

Commission per Project 

(applies only to users of Procolony Advance Payment System)

10% of Project Cost 8% of Project Cost 5% of Project Cost
Admin Fees for Shortlisting Candidates




  1. Procolony charges commission only when project fees are paid using our Advance Payment System, so as to recover the costs of payment processing.
  2. For Professionals, commission rates exclude any fees charged directly to users by Paypal.
  3. For Employers, commission rates include fees charged to Procolony by Paypal for payment processing.
  4. All fees quoted above are valid till 31 December 2019.