For Employers

Procolony is free to sign up, post a project and receive bids from freelance professionals (Pro). The basic services provided by Procolony are FREE for Employers!

If you choose to make payment to the Pro directly via your own payment system, we do not charge any fees.

If you invite specific Pros to bid for your job, we charge a nominal fee of $2.

If you choose to use our Advance Payment System for project fee payments to the Pro, we charge a commission of between 5% to 10%, depending on your Membership Plan. The commission is levied on the amount funded when you fund the project to make payment to the Pro. For each payment transaction processed, we charge a nominal handling fee of $1 to cover the cost of payment processing. You may cancel the project from your job board at any time before the project is accepted.

How Procolony Advance Payment System works:

At the time of ordering a service, the Employer must provide funds equivalent to the total price of services to be rendered in the following month. Payment is due to Procolony by the last day of the prior month before service commencement. Procolony will only release the monthly payment to the Professional providing the service once you are 100% happy with the work that has been delivered during that month and approve the payment in our system.